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About Us

In 2014 we celebrated sixty years of Levana Factory Shop! Sixty years of selling quality knit fabrics to small business owners and home sewers alike. There are customers who've been with us for forty years, sewing for themselves and now for their grandchildren. Over the past few years Levana Textiles has seen a strong shift towards Merino. We're proud to bring you a vibrant colour palette in jersey, rib, ponti, and fleece knit structures. 

All our knit fabrics are manufactured on site in the Levana Textiles Mill, in Levin, New Zealand. Commercially we produce for clothing labels and manufacturers throughout New Zealand, Australia, and Globally. We're known for our fabric innovation and exploration into new and exciting fibres, dyeing technologies, and spinning and knitting techniques.

The Fabric Shop started why back when to start selling all the overruns and seconds from the factory. We have evolved into selling first grade fabric as well as the seconds and faulty fabric to the public.

Our team at Levana Fabric Shop come from a variety of sewing and textiles backgrounds. We hold a wealth of knowledge on the fabrics we sell; how they're produced and how to best use them in your sewing projects. We welcome sewing chat, so if you have any questions on our fabrics or how to use them, please don't hesitate to email, call us on 06 366 0820, or send us a Facebook message.

Shop Hours:
Monday-Thursday 9am - 5pm
Friday 9am - 4pm
First Saturday of every month 9am - 1pm


36-38 Cambridge Street South, Levin
Phone: 06 366 0820
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