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Winner of our competition

We also received this lovely email from Lani with her photos and it was worth sharing.

Thanks for everyone that entered



Here is my entry into the Sewnz competition.


I purchased the raglan sleeve t-shirt for my project. I love that it's uni sex and the broad size range as it will be such a handy pattern in years to come as my kids grow (my daughter is 2 and my son is 7 months ).


From my daughters perspective, only a dress will do! So I adapted the pattern to be slightly more fitted and shorter then turned it into a dress by adding a skirt.


I used a cotton elastine which came with my order through Levana (it was lovely to work with) and the white contrast is a stretch lace which I remember buying with my Mum around a decade ago! It was sitting in her fabric stash for years before she handed it onto me a couple of years ago.


What makes this garment special? Well I feel anything I make for my children is special as I put a lot of thought into it, in fact I thought up the design of this dress in the middle of the night while feeding my baby! I love hearing my daughter explain to others that "mummy made my dress".


Thanks for the opportunity to enter your competition! I've really enjoyed it and feel like I've been pulled out of a little sewing rut - I'm definitely a selfish sewer but I always find sewing for the kids is so refreshing:)




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