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Out with 2016 and exciting times in 2017

Levana Fabrics store news

This was a great year of changes, some easier than others, but we managed to get a whole lot done for the outlet shop in Levin.

We realized that now more than ever how important it is for us to keep contact with our online customers and try and achieve outstanding customer services.

If we failed in this we certainly tried to rectify what we did.

We have grown with 1500 likes on our facebook page and gained loads of international customers with our website as well.


We changed the shop around for the customers that come into the shop to make it easier to shop and easy on the eye.



We have a whole new team on board and they have stepped up to deliver the standards and service that is required in a retail environment. :)


We will continue to give the best customer services in 2017 and to improve where necessary.

Our aim is that everyone in New Zealand should know about our shop and our amazing product.


To Enjoy Sewing!

This year will see a lot of jacquard merino and loads of new stripes.

We have listened and we will be getting more Cotton elastane into the store. Although having prints is a challenge we promise to have a bigger selection of stripes.

You will see more swim/dance wear on our website.

The BIGGEST for us is that we will start stocking sewing patterns of our own.

As a company a few years ago they decided to start garment retail stores around New Zealand. At that stage we were already producing garments with our fabric for other customers and thought this could be a good use of our fabric.

As we all know that Retail is hard and a lot of competition and the company decided to close the shops and concentrate on making good quality fabric.

We had all these patterns that was made to suit our fabric and we decided to convert these in sewing patterns that you can use for our knit fabrics!

Our first pattern is nearly done and will be in store by the end of January and guess what will the first pattern be.....the long awaited men's boxer pattern!!

I hope you have enjoyed 2016 with us and that you will love all the new things that is planned for 2017!


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  • Levana on

    Hi there
    We re open on the 4th of January and will also be open on that Saturday the 7th of January. :)

  • Deena Jaques on

    When do you re-open in 2017?

  • Jean McKinstry on

    Looking so good, Season’s Greetings to you all, and I hope to be down in 2017 to see the new fabrics. And then there will be patterns, the best news for a Happy New Year.

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