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Long Overdue

We have not written a blog for a while, but now is as good as any.

Lots of changes has happened as a lot of you would know.

A year ago our manufacturing of fabric in Levin was moved to Vietnam and in that , the company decided that they will only manufacture merino and Nuyarn, so no more cotton or cotton elastane.

So a few weeks ago we were informed that the manufacturing of the Nuyarn yarn will now also be moved to Taiwan and we will only have the shop in Levin selling  all the fabrics that we have. And we have lots of it still.

Good news to this is that the Manager of the shop, Berdine decided to start importing Cotton Elastane that has prints on it and this has been a good add on to the already existing fabrics.

This part has grown a bit and if you have not seen the fabric yet,make sure to pop over to or the Facebook page

Just a few sneak peaks of the stuff that is in the shop.

So we are still here and are planning to be here for quit some time. :)


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